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About Us
RCHracing is dedicated to racing around the oval track at
Edmonton International Raceway located in Wetaskiwin Alberta.
firsat NASCAR feature stock RCHracing ran at Edmonton International racewayRCHracing racing began unofficially during the 2009 racing season in the NASCAR feature stocks. Missing half that season driver Robert Hildebrandt placed 8th in overall points.
season 2 NASCAR feature stock that ws ran at the begining of the season at Edmonton International Raceway2010 RCHracing was back in the NASCAR feature stock. Driver Robert Hildbrandt placed 3rd overall points after suffering a blown engine, hit the wall (or 2) and stuff liked getting ran into the dirt, but overall placed podium every completed race night.
RCHracing Champ photo from the NASCAR feature stocks at Edmonton International Raceway
302654 10150374830846581 1834461264 n2012 RCHracing started a new season with a new car in a new class. The modified division. Tough year but all and all was successful as Robert Hildebrandt managed to bring his car from a bottom of a pack car to placing top 5. We had many mechanical issues due old parts. However when the race car was on, it was on.
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2012 NASCAR and IMCA modified ran at Edmonton International Raceway
2013 RCHracing embarks on the new adventure. No more funny looking modifieds, no more little front wheel drives. RCHracing is going
NASCAR Whelen All American Superstock Latemodel series at Edmonton International Raceway.
We are very excited the begin the feature class in the NASCAR Whelen All American Superstock Latemodel series.
We will began the Superstock Latemodel build build toward the end of february.
This years NASCAR Whelen All American Superstock Latemodel series car is based on the GM metric chassis with a Pontiac Grand Prix body.
rchracing superstock race car  
 2014 was a major year for RCHracing, we put hours upon hours in development of a new chassis. However, because of our major sponsor changing there marketing ideas RCHracing became a once again independant team with no backing, funding became very difficult and was not able to run the full season.

But we still kept moving forward with our vision, All though we were only able to run the end of the season, we came out with passion and fire.

The hours of R&D paid off, we hit the track and heads turned. Without any further set up we found ourselves at top 3 condender right off the bat.

 We are now looking forward to the 2015 race season, with the potential of a new Camaro style body and engine we look forward to turning heads once again.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service RCHracing can
We are located in Ponoka Alberta Canada
You can finds us most saturday nights at  the Edmonton International Raceway oval track.
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